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About Us

Seeking to Help Tenants and Owners Since 2005

Kansas City skyline at duskSince 2005, we have been dedicated to serving those in the Kansas City and Platte City, Missouri rental markets. It is our intimate understanding of the area, combined with our experience, that enables us to optimally match tenants and properties and help everyone find success.

Unique and Personalized

We pride ourselves on building a company that takes a unique and personalized approach to the property management process. Clients immediately notice our professionalism and hard work, as we seek to meet and exceed their every expectation. We work with each client to determine what they seek from a rental and use the information to optimize our services and help them find what they seek.

Our love for our local communities north of the river gives us the tools and resources we need to help everyone succeed. We look forward to meeting new tenants and renters interested in the Kansas City and Platte City areas.